ServicesBellehumeur & Associates

At Bellehumeur & Associates, we believe in taking your organization’s Business Analysis practices to the next level through three core services:  


Bellehumeur & Associates combines technical writing, audit, visualization and graphical skills to create engaging, high-impact documentation for our clients. Bellehumeur & Associates ensures that companies unlock the true value of their documentation by covering its many objectives including: training, regulatory compliance, process efficiencies, communications, research, project clarity, risk management, and effective decision-making.  We are experts in structuring unstructured information and turning it into usable, actionable formats.

Documentation is more than folders of reports or piles of source code; it is, in fact, a strategic process. We help our clients develop and maintain a strong documentation process consisting of capturing, structuring, presenting, communicating and storing written information. We offer a structured Documentation Audit service that assesses the objectives of our clients’ documentation, the strength of existing documentation processes, and the strength of the documentation itself.

Process Modeling

We specialize in designing, modeling, and assessing business processes and controls. We bring a strong combination of Information Technology and Financial related experience to implement best business practices for our clients. Our process modeling engagements include; assessing financial controls, regulatory compliance, service delivery, business process reengineering, improved accountability and clarity, and modeling the before and after state for IT projects.

We help our clients to visualize business processes in order to review them efficiently by creating effective graphics and diagrams. We also bring considerable experience writing clear, repeatable, and auditable controls for financial and IT processes.


We believe in making the most of our clients’ valuable time. We run highly effective meetings that incorporate a variety of leading techniques to engage our audiences and retain the information. We use graphic techniques in our meetings bringing a strong visual component. We believe that meetings are not about meeting; they are about results. We implement a rigorous follow-up process to all meetings supported by strong documentation to ensure that team members take action and execute on ideas.