Dynamic 1-Day Documentation Training Program

This dynamic one-day training session teaches the basics in effective documentation.

While the skills of effective documentation are generally overlooked or assumed by most managers, the reality is that these skills are lacking in most staff. The fundamental skills of documentation will improve your staff’s performance on numerous initiatives including; Business Process Reengineering, Business Analysis, Change Management, Audit, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management.

This program is customizable to the expertise and needs of your staff and is intended for many levels; whether documentation is new to your staff, whether they need a refresher, or whether your team is looking to kick bad habits.

Our Documentation Training sessions offer the following topics;

  • What is Effective Documentation? And the challenges in achieving it.
  • Developing a Documentation Strategy
  • The Documentation Process:
  1. Capturing,
  2. Structuring,
  3. Presenting,
  4. Communicating, and
  5. Storing information.
  • Crash Course in Effective Technical Writing
  • Process Modeling and Visualization
  • Creating Amazing Meeting Minutes
  • Group Exercises in Structuring Unstructured Information
  • Group Exercises in Effective Reporting.

This course is designed to focus on usable skills without jargon and useless templates.  Your staff will derive benefits from this course including; tips for improving your documentation immediately, an awareness for the need for effective documentation, and improved alignment in your documentation with the needs of your organization.

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