Documentation Strategy

Create a documentation strategy based on a thorough review of your organization’s strategic objectives and an understanding of how your documentation must support these objectives.

This service will ensure that your documentation is aligned with the needs of your organization and that you are truly driving value out of your documentation processes, not just going through the motions.

This product is perfect for organizations with little documentation and that are looking to start from scratch, for those who are growing and need to build up their documentation, or for those that are looking to change their existing documentation dramatically. 

Our Documentation Strategy takes the following core steps; 

1)    Define the Documentation Objectives

Documentation is not for documentation’s sake.  Documentation has a purpose and its purpose is to drive more value for your organization.  The first step in defining an effective Documentation Strategy is to align with the strategic objectives of your organization or department.

2)    Look for Quick Wins

Let’s face it, not everyone in your organization may be as excited by effective documentation as you are.  So, look for quick wins for gaining your stakeholders’ buy-in.  Examples may include simple process diagrams that improve clarity for operational teams or effective meeting minute practices that drive more momentum for projects.

3) Look for the 80/20

You do not have the resources or the budget to ensure that your documentation meets all of your organization’s objectives.  You cannot aim for perfection, especially when you are building your documentation from the ground up or making major changes.  Bellehumeur & Associates will ensure that your documentation is as lean and efficient as possible and focused on the key objectives of your organization. 

4) Develop the Strategy

We will develop a comprehensive Documentation Strategy based on our analysis from interviews and facilitated sessions with management, in addition to through looking through existing company materials.

5) Vet the Strategy

We will vet the strategy with your management through a formal meeting and presentation.

6) Plan the Next Round

Developing a strong Documentation Strategy is only the beginning of good changes for your organization.  In the last step, we will plan the next steps for executing the strategy.