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Bellehumeur & Associates: Leaders in Business Analysis

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Bellehumeur & Associates knows that Business Analysis is important for driving decisions, actions, success, and ultimately profitability. Rather than taking a template or textbook approach, we provide real tangible value to clients by creating structure in unstructured information, sorting through the heaps of accumulated data, weeding out useless information, and presenting a clear and constructive path to a defined and achievable solution.

We provide the following unique client services that make our Business Analysis practices stand apart:

  • Capturing Intellectual Property

Through our documentation system and practices, we leverage the existing intellectual property within your organization enabling you to stop “reinventing the wheel” in spending on new resources and competencies. 

  • Increasing Momentum

We bring momentum to projects and operations through capturing information and improved engagement in processes. 

  • Enhancing Company Value

We take ideas, processes and best practices and turns them into tangible assets that add future value to your company.